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Hyper bust out results by Lambozilla Hyper bust out results :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 4 4 Julie without her armor by Lambozilla Julie without her armor :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 5 0 Oh you two are in love with me! by Lambozilla Oh you two are in love with me! :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 8 2 Birthday blow up by Lambozilla Birthday blow up :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 6 0 Got milk? by Lambozilla Got milk? :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 6 0 Mummy Darius by Lambozilla Mummy Darius :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 3 2 Like the show boys? by Lambozilla Like the show boys? :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 6 0 Bella bio by Lambozilla Bella bio :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 5 0 Eatting a lot of foods by Lambozilla Eatting a lot of foods :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 5 0
The Legend Of Spyra S2
Chapter 7: Mandela effect.
Timer: Wait...this doesn't make any sense. Why is Spyro alive from the great cleanse you say he supposed to die from that.
Spyra: With Cynder however thanks to Malefor's curse she gone to Resurrected. But now they both survived I thinking now it has something to do with your power and mine...
Flower: so you saying?
Spyra: When Spyro, Timer and my power was so great and created a chain linked.
Ren: True you just like Spyro but more fatter and a female of him.
Spyra: I think this causes a Mandela effect. It's wearing one too energies or more come across for the universes to collide it becomes one or opposite.
Flower: So that is why you fall from the sky from my son's power...
Spyra: Correct and I'm afraid something big is going to happen with our universe...
:iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 4 5
Blueberry Flu Jackie by Lambozilla Blueberry Flu Jackie :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 8 0 What? by Lambozilla What? :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 7 0 Repopulate the Jackal kind by Lambozilla Repopulate the Jackal kind :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 8 1 Creating a gift by Lambozilla Creating a gift :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 10 1
The Legend Of Spyra S2
Chapter 6: Spyra's and The Timer family's timeline universe.
Timer arrived where the group are at the Flower's bakery.
Timer: Have you seen Dad?
Flower: No I haven't...
Spyra: ...I remember step dad was getting some his stuff.
Ren: True but wait...Spyra I know you since will you hatch from the egg what time line were from...?
Timer: Yeah I brought you here from my fight with Flameicus...
Spyra: All right this is the part of the story that I told the Dark Truth...Ren and I are from a timeline universe where Spyro dies...
Flower: WHAT!?!?
Ren: ..Wait is Spyro is dead then why I see him grow up?
Spyra: Because of The Timer Family they were allied with the Malefor family.
Flower: I...I...
Spyra: I'm afraid that Ken is in grave danger and so are you step brother.
Chillton: Spyra I ask one question..?
Spyra: Yes great papa. :)
Chillton: what happened to rest of my kind?
Spyra: most of them escaped but the rest were killed by the frogweed flu Massacre...
Chillton: Who did that what kind of He
:iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 5 4
Planetarium's whale fat ass by Lambozilla
Mature content
Planetarium's whale fat ass :iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 10 2


Sailor Full Moon
Usagi Tsukino is a beautiful teenage girl who is presented as a goofy, clumsy, friendly and a crybaby. She lives in Azabu-Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan and is Sailor Moon as her alter-ego.
Today after returning home from school, Usagi lied down on her bed for a little nap and then looked up to the sky. She waited for the sky to dim its light as night then fell as a few hours have passed.
"I wonder what the moon looks up when I get there," Usagi said wondering how she could see the moon up close. "But it's so far away and I want to go there."
Usagi thought of a plan on how she can get up to the moon. After she processed her thoughts of devising an idea, a certain one came into her head. She could use her moon, prism and power to transform into Sailor Moon.
"Maybe I could be Sailor Moon and go up there," Usagi smiled and shouted out the command. "Moon prism power, make up!" she added as she goes through a transformation sequence of her school girl outfit changing into a Sailor Senshi
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 27 8
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Mature content
The Cosmic Daemon_complete :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 135 11
Flower's Bad Day by Theradorn Flower's Bad Day :icontheradorn:Theradorn 16 40 TRYING SOMETHING NEW?!?! by LeemonZ TRYING SOMETHING NEW?!?! :iconleemonz:LeemonZ 20 19 Twix the Wavernoid by Dragonoid4ever Twix the Wavernoid :icondragonoid4ever:Dragonoid4ever 14 29 Lambo's Unexpected Results by DeoxysDivinity Lambo's Unexpected Results :icondeoxysdivinity:DeoxysDivinity 7 17 my stash!!!! by Jiant101
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my stash!!!! :iconjiant101:Jiant101 20 1
If This is Wrong... by GrovyleFangirl1997
Mature content
If This is Wrong... :icongrovylefangirl1997:GrovyleFangirl1997 12 30



Hyper bust out results
For :icondeoxysdivinity:

Dan was testing the busty pill on Kyrie because he ask her to be her test subject of the day. She swallow the pill and when was hyper busty Dan had a nosebleed and a erection. XD

Again I had a erection again my making this again! DX
Julie without her armor
Here is the mad whale scientist of the sword of snagheilli Juile with our her armor she is getting bashful because what if her BF thinks about her body? What he will say?

But we all know Jackie loves her body very much same with Julie as she sees his chubby fat body. :)
Oh you two are in love with me!
For :iconchevyrw: and :iconcansin13art:

Seems that people are stating to like my ocs for example Blobby my first slime monster girl has two boys that are Darius and Cansin!

I'm glad I create her I really do. :)
Birthday blow up
For :iconshelby95:

Here is Blake being Inflate by me on his birthday I'm glad I was able to Inflate him because that's his favorite thing to do it his was a art trade but it's also a birthday gift!
Got milk?
Even my Sona eats a lot of protein I also drink calcium which is good for bones so remember drink milk!
I have a second Discord account it's Lambophlosion#5595.


Lambozilla's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello my name is Lambozilla you can call me Lambo if you what to I'm I'm a very gigantic fat muscledgut Dinosaur Toon Kaiju I'm a Godzilla fan kaiju lover. I love to draw weight gain, inflation, big bellies, Pokemon and my friends. :)

Also with Michael the very fat Lugia my Pokesona! :D

I do request and gifts to ONLY friends that I can trust if you want to get my trust as me to a art trade or a gift that you can draw.



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